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8 Species You Might Catch On A Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Daytona Beach

Florida is home to some of the best deep-sea fishing locations in the world and Daytona Beach happens to be one of them. The thrill of being out in the open waters with friends and family, anticipating a great catch is an experience like no other.

If you are planning to book a deep-sea fishing charter in Daytona Beach, Florida, here are eight species that you might end up catching during your trip:


Mahi-Mahis are known to be a favorite amongst anglers who enjoy deep sea fishing, especially in the temperate waters found around Florida. They can be lured in using live or chum baits and are commonly found during the spring and summer seasons.


Sailfish is a more likely species to be found this time of the year as their numbers in Daytona Beach grow in the fall and winter seasons when they are migrating south. They are gray and blue in color and have a dorsal fin that resembles a sail, and hence attributes towards their name.


Now this is another species of fish you are very likely to find around Daytona Beach during the colder months. In winters you are likely to find them along the Intracoastal Waterway and the inshore side of inlets. They can sometimes be challenging to catch as they can grab the bait and clean it off very quickly without you feeling a thing!


Anglers from all over the country love heading over to Daytona Beach waters to catch Blue and White Marlins, which are popular sport fish in the tropical regions. The challenge and thrill associated with luring in a Blue Marlin is incomparable, which is why it’s so sought after.

Red Snapper

Found predominantly around Florida, the Red Snapper is one of the most popular game fish in the Atlantic Ocean and usually can be found all year long in Daytona Beach waters. Red Snappers aren’t very picky and are always willing to bite on to any lure that’s dropped into the ocean.

Black Drum

Black Drums are quite commonly found in the coastal waters of Florida and some of the fish belonging to this species can even reach a weight of 80 pounds! Although they consume a large variety of baits, anglers can lure these in using shrimps or blue crabs on a conventional bottom rig.


Although a springtime favorite for anglers, Redfish can be found in Florida waters all year round usually. Their distinguishing features are their copper scales and multiple spots that can be seen at the base of their tail. Anglers enjoy fishing this species for their stamina, which makes them exciting to lure in.


This species can be caught throughout the year along the Atlantic coast of Florida but the best time of the year to target these would be in the winter when they move in near the reefs.

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